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Mine Support
From the earliest days of Nielson Construction we have been dedicated to helping our customers in the mining industry. From mine development to mine reclamation, our people have a special relationship with the men and women of mining. 

Nielson management and crews have repeatedly been recognized for their efforts to develop mine projects for our customers and have helped with innovative answers to difficult problems often faced in the mining industry. In 2006 Nielson Construction was recognized by the Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining when it presented the Earth Day Award to Nielson Construction. Recognizing what it termed the company’s “outstanding environmental awareness,” we are proud to be the only construction company to ever receive such an honor from the board.

Coal mine projects we have helped develop over the years include:
   Consol Mine
   Deercreek Mine 
   Genwal Mine
   Des Bee Dove Mine
   Wilberg Mine
   Trail Mountain Mine
   Dugout Mine
   Westridge Mine
   Willowcreek Mine
   Plateau Mine
   Crandall Canyon Mine

We are proud of our efforts for our customers in the mining industry and the reputation of service we have developed.

“It is indeed a rare event in today’s business environment to feel so gratified with a business relationship.... From my observation, this cooperative attitude seems to be pervasive throughout your organization, from the top down through the man with the shovel in his hand. I’m sure this did not happen by chance; it’s a sign of a well managed company. Many of the traits I have observed within Nielson Construction are those that large and successful corporations strive for but rarely fully achieve,” said Dennis Ware of Plateau Mining Corporation in a letter to Nielson Construction management following the successful completion of a project.

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