Nielson Construction & Materials

Oil Field Services
The men and women of Team Nielson pride ourselves on the service we provide to our oil and gas field customers. Through the years we have built roads, locations and pipe line right of ways, installed pipe, electrical and pumping units, provided water hauling services and kept roads open during extreme weather conditions to keep oil and gas moving through the pipelines. 

Working in areas where a horse would struggle to find its footing, our crews have met the challenge faced by remote and often treacherous conditions. Rock, steep topography and extreme conditions do not slow us down. We have corrected severe erosion problems and completed successful mass reseeding. 

We are proud of our commitment to the environment and our history of reclaiming areas for our oil field customers after exploration and drilling operations. We are committed to getting the job done while respecting and protecting the environment.  

We have the manpower, knowledge, equipment and management oil and gas field developers can rely on. Services include:

Right of Way, Road and Site construction 
Poly Pipelines and Electrical installation 
Steel Pipelines 
Pumping Unit installation and rebuild 
Anchor installation and testing 
Hydrovac Specialists 
Complete Roustabout services 
Winch Truck and Water Truck Specialists 
Site reclamation and reseeding 
Rip Rap Specialists 
Rock Drilling and Blasting

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