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Trucking Services
With hundreds of trucks in our fleet, Nielson Construction’s Trucking Division has the muscle to move the earth for our customers. Our employees are among the best in the industry and are experienced on and off highway drivers, having logged millions of safe, on time miles. We have trucks dedicated to coal and asphalt hauling, gravel and rock product delivery, water hauling, and heavy hauling. We maintain a fleet of winch trucks and have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable winch truck drivers in the business. Our Heavy Haul Department delivers oversize loads for customers throughout the country. We regularly deliver everything from heavy equipment to mine equipment, crushers, railroad equipment and gas compressors. Our Water Truck Department provides dust control and water hauling services for customer no matter the time of day or night and in extreme weather conditions. When it comes to providing trucking services, we are driven to succeed.
Trucking services provided include:

Coal Haul

Heavy Hauling (Up to 75 tons) 

Water Truck Services

Winch Truck

Rock Product Delivery

Asphalt Delivery

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